By Kendra Dickson
Gold Buckle Barrel Horses

      by, Kendra Dickson

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I have been blessed to know all the clinicians but one... Kendra Dickson. I knew who she was but I don't think we had ever been introduced. In January I was at Ft Worth rodeo and saw her awesome run! She is such a talented woman! When I called her about Jesus Take The Reins- barrel racing clinic she was so excited!!! Even though I was a stranger she asked what can Rodeo For A Reason do to help? She is truly one of a kind! I absolutely love her and can't wait till the clinic so we can officially meet! Lol Kendra will be bringing her entire crew to help with the event! Looking forward to it : )

Shelly Weaver

I was on a flight recently and noticed that the rudders that slowed, turned and guided the plane were small in comparison to that which they were controlling. There is also a scripture that says something about such a little bit to control a horse. Recently you talked to me about "finesse ". Most of the time I can be " large and in charge" :) . You have showed me that my mare listens to a still small voice so much better. Small movements get such big results! Thank you! I owe you a lot. My mare is happier and runs way better when I actually do this. She owes you a lot ,too.
 Bless your day!
Tammy Voellinger
I want to Thank Kendra Dickson and Gold Buckle Barrel Horses for selling me 3 FANTASTIC Horses!! All 3 have Won Buckles, Awards and money! Bevis my gelding has taken me to the AQHA WORLD Show... not once .. but twice! Bred to be a Halter horse... Trained by Kendra as a Barrel Horse ... he is NOW an ALL Around AQHA Champion in Many Events!! 
Thanks Kendra... for all 3 of my Babies!!
Ryane Bakke


I'd like to say that in my many, many years of riding and owning horses, Kendra definitely has the "Gold" standard.  Not only is she personable, professional, and such a great horse person, but she is a genuinely honest and caring individual.  My purchases and experience with her have been top notch, and I know we will be doing more business together in the future.  I cannot wait to have the opportunity to go to her facility and get the chance to ride with her!  She is an inspiration and encouragement to myself and my friends. 
Looking forward to the Texas trip!
Much respect and gratitude for her answering all my questions at all times of day and night:)
Cheryl Newcombe


My Journey with Gold Buckle Barrel horses begins in 2006. Before express lane barrel clinics began. I  remember calling Kendra Dickson one night because at the time her website crashed over a horse named Buddha. I was terrified to call at first, but I did. I never expected to have someone answer the phone. But she did. Then she went on to tell about a clinic she was going to do in North Carolina. She ask if I could try and help gather up students and I could come be a spectator. Unfortunately, the clinic had to be canceled because there wasn't enough students. However, Kendra and I would continue to  keep in touch once a week and I would ask if there was anything I could help pray for that week and our friendship grew.  Well, after about a year. Kendra called me and said I want you to be in prayer over something. I'm starting my own clinics. So, I began to fervently pray over this. Before you know it Express Lane Clinics began in 2007 with the very first clinic in Spring Creek? I can't remember the exact name of the location. I remember I worked my tail off to come to the clinic all spring. I worked at Arby's at the time. I came and spent the week at Kendra's. She taught me how to barrel race that week. Took me to some great places and we worked on prepping stuff for the clinic's. I've never had more fun. So finally the clinic began. We had a slew of students attend. I had a blast from the knowledge I learned and the people I met. They were giving away a Trophy Saddle to the person with the best Champion attitude. Never in a million years did I think that I would walk away with the very first Trophy Saddle that year. In the great words of Kendra, "It's a total God thing". You all will never know how much that blessed my life. Did I mention that from the start of these clinics. We have Never charged anyone to attend. Everyone that has come to work them or attended as a student has all been Free. After that clinic in 2007, that blazed the trail for many others. I returned to help work some clinics in Ada, Oklahoma; Sulphur Springs, TX; Kellyville, Oklahoma; and Denton, TX. Rodeo for a reason has been such an amazing and incredible part of my life. I have gotten to meet so many wonderful people and help encourage them along their journey with barrels and faith as well. I can't even begin to put into words what these clinics and my friendship with Kendra Dickson has done and meant to this guy from East, Tennessee.  Kendra and several of the other team members haven't been just friends. They have become family. Much love y'all! 

Austin Foust

Torri Fain is from Johnson City Texas. She purchased her first GBBH , French Fry, in April of 2012 and in February, 2013 purchased her 2nd GBBH, Carlos. Torri has had great success on both horses  winning cash, buckles, and a trailer, competing across Texas and qualifying and competing at NBHA Youth World in Georgia. Torri  contributes her success to what she has learned from attending Rodeo for a Reason Clinics and being a GBBH team member. Special thank you to Kendra and Chrystal for everything you have done for me.

KreKre Fain

About 10 years ago, I began looking for a new barrel horse. Was I overwhelmed....who to trust, what would be the best horse for me, do I use Barrel Horse World? I gave it a lot of thought and prayer, then finally decided to go to Texas. God sent me to this wonderful, intelligent person that is Kendra Dickson. She truly has an eye for horses and a heart for God. Every trip I have made to the top-notch GBBH facility has been fun, educational and a blessed experience. I have owned several GBBH's and I currently own a Kendra hand-picked, trained barrel horse. I would recommend Kendra to anyone looking for a barrel horse, whether someone is a novice or experienced rider.